Oct 17 2016

Gun Transfer Featured on Green Light Shooting (Video)

We’re excited to share this video that Green Light Shooting did on Gun Transfer.  It walks you through the benefits of using Gun Transfer to sell a firearm and how to legally conduct a private party firearm transfer.  Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Sep 13 2016

Digital Lifetime Record

Why should you Keep a Digital Lifetime Record? You just sold your AR-15, but what happens next? Things are out of your hands now. You can’t control what the buyer does with it or how they’ll use it. They might sell it, or they might commit a crime. In fact, there are many elements you

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Sep 09 2016

Securing Your Gun Transfers

Why and How Your Data is Safe Protecting your data is our number one priority; so we made sure every step of our app’s process is secure. We know how important privacy and security is to you because it is to us as well. When we set out to make this app, we asked ourselves

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