Oct 22 2016

How To Anonymously Transfer A Gun (Video)

Gun Transfer Q&A – How to Anonymously Transfer a Gun.  Gun Control. Gun Registry. Hillary Clinton. Gun Show Loophole.  Why does it feel like these words have 4 letters?  With our current political situation, it’s not surprising that we get asked how to anonymously transfer a firearm.  In today’s video, we discuss the legality of

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Oct 21 2016

Gun Registered to Me (Video)

Gun Transfer Q&A – Guns registered to me that I no longer own. We often get questions about old firearm sales, especially when the seller originally purchased the gun from an FFL.  In a lot of these situations, they have either misplaced their sales documents or never had the buyer sign anything.  Naturally, the seller

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Oct 20 2016

Private Party Gun Transfers in Colorado (Video)

Gun Transfer Q&A – How to Transfer a Gun in Colorado Today our question comes from Colorado, a state know for their strict gun laws.  Colorado passed Universal Background Check laws that essentially makes private party gun transfers illegal, however there are many exceptions to the rule.  In this video we discuss some of those

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