Oct 14 2016

Owning a gun, a long firearm or a handgun, entails a lot of responsibility, which includes maintenance and proper care. A gun is to be treated with the utmost respect and care.

Most guns are in storage for a considerable portion of their life. Typically, gun owners put their firearms in some form of storage after a hunting season and they will stay there until the next. Homeowners’ guns that are intended for protection around the house also remain in storage that is both secured and provides easy access.

Most gun safes are generally intended for the following:

  • Prevent the gun from being accessed unnecessarily
  • Provide as protection against theft
  • Protect the gun from elements that will cause physical damage

Remember that a gun is largely made of metal and metal is prone to rust and corrosion. This is especially true if your gun and your gun’s safe are in humid locations. However, you can prolong your gun’s life if you properly clean, oil, and maintain it.

All guns – handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc – have their own characteristics and require different maintenance. For example, revolvers tend to be easier to maintain and care for than a pistol due to less component parts.

Guns kept in a safe must be taken out regularly to be cleaned and checked as internal rust could start building up.

Gun maintenance, while it involves cleaning, is more than that. It is also about keeping the gun ready when you need it. For example, don’t “get comfortable.” You should make a habit of shooting your firearm regularly. By frequenting a shooting range, you’ll not only keep familiar with your the gun works but you will also make sure that the gun is effectively.

Don’t forget to regularly clean your gun after each of your shooting range visits. Cleaning a gun must be done on a regular basis, especially after it was used. Postponing the cleaning between shooting sessions is a poor way of treating the tool that you may need when your life is in danger.

Generally, guns outlast their owners but it will not happen without proper maintenance.

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