Sep 01 2016

Gun control is a never-ending controversial topic. Some people say that there is a need to tighten laws, while data suggests otherwise.

Pro theories

  1. Performing background checks on people interested in buying firearms will help out. The theory is that tighter background checks will weed out those who are not fit to own a gun. If the person interested has a criminal background, automatically, that person should be banned from purchasing a firearm.
  2. Some research suggests that many of the criminals who performed random mass shootings in the past three decades used legal guns. The theory is that fewer guns, in general, means fewer shootings.


  1. Statistically, gun bans are not a deterrent to crime. In fact, data implies that looser gun control and more gun ownership lessens crime.
  2. The effect of gun bans covers only automatic and semi-automatic firearms. But many offenses were done without the use of these types of weapons.
  3. Self-defense is a valid reason to own a handgun.
  4. 2nd Amendment. No explanation necessary.
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