Oct 07 2016

People buy guns for a variety of reasons. With so many types of guns to choose from, where do you start to narrow down your decision?

A Gun for Home Protection

The most common reason behind the purchase of a gun is for protection or self-defense around the house. Gun enthusiasts recommend that for home safety and protection, a shotgun is the best place to start. Shotguns are pretty straight forward to use and provide great stopping power.

Among the few downsides of a shotgun, or other long guns like a rifle, is that they are more complicated to conceal around the house. Properly securing a shotgun or rifle requires a gun safe that’s much larger than a safe required to secure a smaller gun like a pistol. Because of this concern, many homeowners opt for a handgun as their firearm of protection in the house.

Price of Guns

Another area to consider when choosing your firearm is the budget allocated for its purchase. The price of a gun can vary greatly, from as little as $150 to several thousands of dollars. But, remember, you get what you pay for when it comes to firearms. On a budget? No problem. Gun buyers can opt for a used, quality handgun for as little as $400 to $500.

Used guns are not like used cars that deteriorate and lose a lot of value as they age. Firearms tend to hold their value pretty well. Additionally, many firearms are covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty so a buyer can be assured that the used firearm that they are about to purchase will hold its value.

Size and Caliber of a Gun

Your intended use of a gun will help you decide on the size and the caliber. For example, since the typical purpose of buying a handgun is for protection while carrying, most people choose to go with at least a 9mm.

Whatever caliber your prefer, remember to balance defense effectiveness with carrying comfort. A full-size handgun chambered in a lower caliber will be easy to use while a compact handgun chambered in higher caliber will deliver more recoil. For concealment, a full-size handgun, chambered in high caliber will be more difficult to conceal its size but will have great stopping power. On the other hand, a compact handgun chambered in lower caliber will allow for ease of use and quick multiple shots, but with less stopping power. Only you can determine which combination of size and caliber is right for you.

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