Confidential Transactions

Your information is protected and confidential. Neither the government nor the other party has access to your personal information.

Know Your Buyer/Seller

Don’t be caught selling to or buying from someone that should not legally own a gun. With Gun Transfer, we remove the risk by researching the other party’s applicable information.

Affordable and Hassle-free

It is easy and affordable to transfer a gun using our site.

  • STEP 01

    Enter Your Information

    Start by entering your full name, address, and birthday. In version 1 we’ll also need your Social Security Number (SSN will be optional in version 2). If you’re the seller, provide some basic information on the gun, then invite the other party to the transaction by entering their email or cell phone number. Both the Buyer and the Seller will need to create an account in order to enter their personal information.

  • STEP 02

    Verify Both Parties

    Watch the screen while we verify the identity of the gun buyer and the gun seller. If the optional background check was purchased, we’ll explore the gun buyer’s background and criminal record in depth. The process typically only takes a couple of minutes. Occasionally, our powerful algorithms find records that they cannot interpret. These require a manual review and can take up to 3 business days.

  • STEP 03

    Complete the Transfer

    Create a digital bill of sale with one click and easily use our secure digital signatures. It’s that simple to protect yourself. You’ll have all the documents you need, including any state-specific requirements (Many States have requirements such as license verification or specific wording in the bill of sale – view your state requirements here).

We Don’t Divulge Confidential Info

Your information is confidential with Gun Transfer. Neither the other party nor the government has access to your personal information or details about guns you own. (Basic contact information is included in the bill of sale – after verifications & background checks are complete)

Keep Track of Transactions with a Bill of Sale

If anything happens to a gun you sold, you’ll need a record of the transaction to clear your name. Quickly find all of your gun sales or gun purchases in your account – drastically minimizing your risk when buying or selling a gun from a private party.

We have options to fit your needs

or 3 for $30
or 3 for $60
Sell to Anyone Residing in Your State
Buyer & Seller Identity Verification
State Residency Check
Digital Bill of Sale
Lifetime Digital Record
Gun Ownership Eligibility Confirmation
Available in 42 States
Buyer Alias Search
Criminal Record Search (Federal, State, and County)
Sex Offender Registry Search