Meet the Gun Transfer Team

Randall Gorham and Stephen Anderson know what it takes to buy and sell guns and what it takes to professionally manage a web-based business.  Let our team at Gun Transfer help you navigate buying and selling your gun.

  • Gun Transfer Co-Founder Randall Gorham

    Randall Gorham – Co-founder

    Randall is our gun guru and visionary. He previously owned a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL) and knows the ins and outs of buying and selling guns. Randall developed the idea of Gun Transfer to help solve the challenges he faced as a gun owner. Randall has previously started and successfully sold 3 companies. His experience in business and the gun industry is a perfect match.

  • Gun Transfer Co-Founder Stephen Anderson

    Stephen Anderson – Co-founder

    Stephen is our tech guru and gun advocate. From early stage startups (founded and led development of a big-data application that was awarded multiple patents) to large tech firms (product marketing executive at a cloud based software firm that grew from $200m to nearly $1b), Stephen has the experience to build a secure and powerful platform. Stephen holds an MBA from Columbia University, a Masters from London Business School, and a Bachelors from the University of Utah.

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Our Story

Have you ever been confronted with the problem of buying or selling a gun to someone with whom you were a bit uncomfortable?  We have and we wanted to find a way to make it easy, safe, affordable, and secure for individuals to sell and buy guns with confidence they were doing it right.

We combined our knowledge of business with our love and expertise in the gun industry and created what we believe is a powerful solution to the problems of buying and selling a gun.

Confidential Transactions

Your information is protected and confidential so neither the government nor the other party has access to your personal information.

Know Your Buyer/Seller

Don’t be caught selling to or buying from someone that should not legally own a gun. With Gun Transfer, we remove the risk by checking the information of the other party.

Affordable and Hassle-free

It is easy and affordable to do a gun transfer using our site.

We Support the 2nd Amendment

We celebrate the second amendment at Gun Transfer.  We make it easy for individuals to legally and lawfully buy or sell a gun.   Through our easy process, we navigate the rules of acquiring a gun and make it possible for anyone, who is eligible, to own a gun.