Dec 01 2016

If you keep your gun at home for the safety of your family, it is crucial to make sure that it is stored properly and securely. The holiday season often brings a rush of company, including friends and family who want to visit and perhaps tour your home. Having a gun that is not properly stored is an invitation for a serious accident.

Here are a few vital tips for safely storing guns at home during the holidays and beyond:

  • Keep guns in gun safes or lock boxes – Keeping your guns in a concealed, safe place such as a lock box or gun safe can prevent unauthorized access. Many gun owners feel the need for their guns to be within reach, but this must be tempered by safe practices. In addition to keeping your guns out of reach of children, you should also keep your guns in a location that is inaccessible to intruders. A stolen gun cannot protect your family anymore. When storing your gun, use secure locking devices such as trigger and cable locks. Either of the two locks can help prevent unauthorized use of your gun.
  • Keep guns unloaded – Guns should be stored unloaded until you need to use them. Many gun accidents stem from the assumption that the gun is not loaded when it actually is. Make a habit of removing the ammunition from your gun before stowing it away in your safe or lock box. It is also advisable to keep the gun and the ammunition in two separate lock boxes. In the event that somebody is able to open the gun safe, it will take extra effort to get access to the ammunition.
  • Teach your family gun safety and responsibility – People are naturally curious about guns. When they see a gun, they want to touch it and see how it works. Teach your family about the risks of improper gun use. Not talking about the gun can pique curiosity even more, so be transparent about your guns and their proper use. Lead by example. Show your family that you take gun ownership and gun safety seriously in the way that you handle your guns.

A few simple precautions can help ensure that your gun will enhance your family’s safety—not jeopardize it.

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